A collection of selected works spanning almost 20 years of collaboration with iconic Vogue fashion editor Phyllis Posnick. 

"Steven is the only photographer I know who can turn a child's inflatable pool toy into a sexual predator.  The first person I think of when I'm asked to illustrate a health or beauty article is Steven because he has such unexpected ideas, an intelligence that he brings to his subject, and he's really funny.  When we're starting to plan a shoot, I try to anticipate which strange direction he'll take with the subject, but I'm always surprised, and usually wrong.  We approach a photo from opposite directions.  I'm a romantic and, to put it mildly, Steven's vision is anything but romantic.  If I imagine a beautiful garden, he's thinking of an abandoned warehouse or underground garage with a sinister figure lurking in the background.  I sometimes think we drive each other a little crazy.  We're both relentless in pursuing ideas that will make a memorable photo, and no matter how far apart we are at the beginning, we always meet in the middle and hug at the end. We call our collaborations our "Domestic Series." The models are strong chic women, usually in luxurious or bourgeois surroundings, who happen to find themselves in extreme situations.  When you look at the subject matter of his photographs, you probably wouldn't suspect that he's the lovely, gentle, warm person that he is."  -Phyllis Posnick, 'Stoppers: Photographs from My Life at Vogue', 2016
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  • Woman and Medical Chair, 2014
  • Bugs, 2013
  • Suburbia #24, 2012
  • Suburbia #23, 2012
  • Suburban Woman #29, 2011
  • ADHD, 2011
  • Drug Store, 2011
  • Rabbit Test, 2009
  • Hospital Drama, 2008
  • Woman, Horse, Riding Crop, 2008
  • Climbing on Walls, 2008
  • Suburbia #11, 2007
  • Suburban Woman #10, 2006
  • Mechanic, 2006
  • Red Dress in Surgical Room, 2005
  • Girl in Pool with Horse, 2005